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“God decides when we’re done,”

“God decides when we’re done,” says Nick Cannon, a Hollywood TV host and music executive, after the birth of his 12th child. 

When asked if he is done having children in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cannon replied that God decides when you are done, but to ask me, I am done, I am locked in. 


“But I cannot assure you about when I will be 85; I might have another one,” he said with a laugh. 

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Cannon welcomes his 12th child, daughter Halo Marie Cannon, with model Alyssa Scott in December. This is their second child together. They also had a baby boy in 2021, but the baby died unfortunately at the age of just five months due to a rare brain cancer. 

Before Halo, Nick welcomed his 11th kid, Zeppelin Cannon, with De La Rose in November, not even two months before Halo. 

Nick Cannon, 42, is an actor, rapper, television host, and comedian. He started his career as an actor in the TV show “All That.” After that, he hosted “The Nick Cannon Show.” In addition, he has appeared on America’s Got Talent, Wildn’Out, Lip Sync Battle Stories, and The Masked Singers. 

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Nick has 12 children from various women, the oldest of whom are Moroccan and Monroe, both 11 years old, and his ex-wife Mariah Carey. His daughter, the powerful queen, his son, the golden son, and his son, Rise Messiah, with actor, model, and former Miss Arizona USA, Brittany Bell, are the next in line. 

Onxy Ice Cole Cannon is his daughter with photographer LaNisha Cole. She welcomed their baby in September 2022. 

He also has three beautiful kids with a DJ and radio personality, Abby La De Rosa, namely, twins Zillion Heir and Zion Mixolydian, and a third kid, Zepplin Cannon, who is also Nick’s 11th kid. 

Bre Tiesi is the mother of his son, Legendary Love, born in June 2022. 

When asked how he schedules each child, Nick replied, “Scheduling is scheduling; that is a secret, but it all and only works out if we are all on the same page.” None of the children were pre-planned. They’re all here because I wanted them, and I wanted them with the women I had them with. There are a lot of people I could have gotten pregnant with, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to let that happen. He told ET that all they want is for their kids to have good parents, and as long as all of us are on the same page, it all works out. 

Nick added that everything is about energy management and not time management. Once we’re all aligned, the flow is a lot easier. If there’s any kind of low frequency or dissension in there, that’s what messes things up. 

Nick also has a nursery built next to his personal room for his kids in his 20-story empire building, along with his arcade room, gaming room, and barber room too. 

Cannon has only one guilt: that he cannot spend time with all his children all the time. 

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Nick also talked about his oldest daughter, who appeared in a TikTok video recently with her mother, Mariah Carry, her friend North, and her mother, Kim K. He said she’s the entertainment bug. 

Last year, Nick opened up about being a father and said he had learned a lot from his children and really enjoyed their energy. He added that he has been through so much in life, but the best he feels is around his kids. 

Nick also said that he wouldn’t be bothered if he had 12 kids for 12 tribes, after he had 9 kids, and here we are with him and his 12. 


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