10 Weird Jobs Around the World

— Crystal Lambert

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Professional Sleeper 

Some companies hire people to test the comfort of their beds and mattresses by paying them to sleep on the job

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Pet Food Taster 

Quality control is essential even for pet food. Some individuals taste-test pet food to ensure its quality and safety.

Snake Milker 

Snake venom is used in the production of antivenom. Snake milkers extract venom from snakes for medical purposes. 

Foley Artist 

These artists create and record sound effects for movies and television shows.  

Odor Judge 

Odor judges evaluate the effectiveness of deodorants and antiperspirants by sniffing the armpits of people who have applied the products. 

Chicken Poultry Gender Classifier

The poultry industry, chicken sexers determine the gender of chicks shortly after hatching. This job requires a high level of accuracy.

Professional Mermaid

Some individuals work as professional mermaids or mermen for events, parties, and promotional activities.

Crime Scene Cleaner 

After a crime or accident, professionals are hired to clean up the scene, dealing with blood, bodily fluids, and other biohazardous materials.

Ethical Hacker 

Ethical hackers are hired to test the security of computer systems by attempting to exploit vulnerabilities. 

by - Anshul Shrivas

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