Environmental Roles of Flowers

Aid Biodiversity 

Different types of floral communities provide essential resources such as pollen, nector and habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, including insects, birds, bats, and small mammals. Flowers give support to the ecosystem stability and resilience 

Moisture Environment

Flowers can add moisture to the environment. flowers with amazing moisture content can cure a variety of problem of the people. Flowers has been placed in home, office, and more places due to the excess moisture content in them

Surroundings remain cool

Unwanted pollution is cured with the blessing of the flowers. The climate remains cool with the help of the flowers. The flora kingdom produces clean and fresh air to the surroundings. 

Supports Fertility and Soil health

Through processes like nitrogen fixation, nutrient cycling, and soil stabilization, some flowering plants improve fertility and soil health.Some Flowering also have symbiotic relationships with mycorrhizal fungi or nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Recreational ValueAesthetic 

Flowers add to the beauty of the beauty of parks, natural landscape, urban green spaces and gardens. Flowers attract photographers. nature enthusiasts and visitors who appreciate quality quality of life.

Source of Foods 

Flowers support survival by contributing to their diets of insects, birds, bats, and other wildlife. Floers are source of the nectar, pollen, seeds, fruits, and other floral resources.  

 Sequest of Carbon

Flowering Plants aids in carbon sequestration through photosynthesis, absorbing carbon dioxide 

Enchances  a person's mood

Flowers are beautifull eliminating stress and tension from people. People feels happy, secured and relaxed in all situations. It creates positive energy and bring smile to people faces.

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Made by  Vasudha Sharma