Saturnian Equinox 

Saturn is set to make the enormous rings invisible

It's current  tilt is 9°, but it will drop down to 3.7 °  by 2024 and eventually be 0 by 2025 

Equinox is a point in a planet's orbit where the Sun shines directly overhead at the equator. 

 Equinox occurs roughly every 15 Earth years.

If viewed from Earth, the rings are seen edge-on and appear as a thin line  giving the illusion they’ve disappeared 

Such an occurrence had last occurred in 2009. 

Next equinox is expected to take place between march-may, 2025. 

By 2032, Saturn's tilt will return back to 27 degrees, providing the best view of its rings. 

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By -  Udit Dogne