Some facts about the movie

Image: The Mirror

 Titanic is 1997 American epic romance film directed, written, produced by James Cameron.

First Movie to surpass 1 million world-wide.

Nominated for 14 Academy Awards, and won 11, including Awards for best picture.

A decoy title was used for secrecy by James Cameron.

During production, the movie was called Planet Ice.

Lindsay Lohan auditioned for Jack’s ‘best girl’ character.

Original ship cost $7.5 M whereas $200M was spent on film.

It was James Cameron who sketched Rose in real life.

Cal was supposed to be jabbed with a hairpin.

Gloria Stuart was the only Titanic cast member who was alive during Titanic's maiden voyage in 1912.

Titanic is the second film on RMS Titanic to win Oscar.

The demo for "My Heart Will Go On " Was recorded in secret.

 Celebrating 25th anniversary, the epic love story is heading back to theatres for Valentine's day.

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By Rutuja Waikar