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Hundreds of pilgrims have died during the annual Hajj in Mecca due to extreme heat, with temperatures reaching 51.8 degrees Celsius (125.2 Fahrenheit). At least 550 fatalities have been reported, including 323 Egyptians and 35 Tunisians. The tragedy highlights the growing impact of climate change on the pilgrimage, prompting urgent calls for improved safety measures to protect future pilgrims from rising global temperatures.

A devastating fire broke out early Tuesday morning in a residential building in Kuwait City, killing 49 foreign workers and injuring dozens more. The blaze, which started around 2:30 a.m. in the Hawally district, rapidly engulfed the multi-story building, trapping many inside. Most of the victims were migrant workers from South Asia and Africa, living in overcrowded and poorly maintained conditions.

Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah visited the site and promised a thorough investigation. The fire has ignited widespread calls for better safety standards and labor reforms in Kuwait, highlighting the dire living conditions faced by many migrant workers in the region. The government has detained the building’s owner and management for questioning regarding potential negligence.