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In a significant diplomatic move, India has sent a high-level delegation to the Ukraine Summit in Kyiv, led by Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla. This marks India’s first major engagement with Ukraine since the escalation of the conflict with Russia. The visit underscores India’s commitment to global peace and stability, as well as its nuanced approach to international relations. Alongside diplomatic efforts, India announced a substantial humanitarian aid package for Ukraine, signaling its readiness to contribute to post-conflict reconstruction and highlighting its evolving role on the global stage.

In a remarkable display of international solidarity, India has dispatched a substantial aid package to Papua New Guinea following catastrophic landslides that have claimed approximately 2,000 lives. Triggered by relentless heavy rainfall, the landslides devastated entire communities, leaving thousands homeless. India’s swift response, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, includes medical teams, rescue personnel, and essential supplies, transported by the Indian Navy’s INS Airavat. This aid mission highlights the critical role of global cooperation in addressing humanitarian crises and supporting recovery efforts in times of dire need.

A devastating fire broke out early Tuesday morning in a residential building in Kuwait City, killing 49 foreign workers and injuring dozens more. The blaze, which started around 2:30 a.m. in the Hawally district, rapidly engulfed the multi-story building, trapping many inside. Most of the victims were migrant workers from South Asia and Africa, living in overcrowded and poorly maintained conditions.

Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah visited the site and promised a thorough investigation. The fire has ignited widespread calls for better safety standards and labor reforms in Kuwait, highlighting the dire living conditions faced by many migrant workers in the region. The government has detained the building’s owner and management for questioning regarding potential negligence.

In a deeply concerning development, Malawi has initiated a search operation for a military aircraft that vanished while carrying Vice President Saulos Chilima and former First Lady Callista Mutharika. The Dassault Falcon 7X lost contact with air traffic control over Dedza District’s challenging terrain on June 10th, an hour after departing from Kamuzu International Airport. The Malawi Defence Force has launched an intensive search and rescue mission, while the nation unites in hope and prayer for the safe return of its esteemed leaders. Neighboring countries and international allies have stepped in to assist, providing advanced search equipment and expertise. President Lazarus Chakwera has urged calm, expressing confidence in the efforts of the dedicated soldiers and the global community.